bending the arc of technology towards good.

As people who create and apply technology, we shape society’s most powerful elements.

We also witness their most destructive effects.


Too often, our work conflicts with our values. And too often, we feel isolated and powerless to change that dynamic.


By becoming tech stewards, we can come together to shape better technology and a better world for all.

what is tech

A professional identity, orientation and practice. As tech stewards, we continuously discuss, refine and imagine new ways to shape technology for the benefit of all.


Tech is not neutral. We imagine, design, and implement technology intentionally for positive impact.


The pace of tech disruption is accelerating. We anticipate, monitor and manage the complex impacts of technology.


Who’s driving tech? We expand who and what is considered and involved in decision making.


Tech is often extractive. We proceed in a manner that cares for the environment, economy, communities and individuals.

your practice

Opportunities and tools to reflect, learn and develop as a tech steward

your workplace

Training and support to tip your workplace towards tech stewardship

your network

Opportunities to help drive systems level change

we can do this

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