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There has never been a more vital time for engineers, designers, technologists, computer scientists, and the many others who are – or should be – involved in the creation and application of technology to lead.

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The essence of tech stewardship is a simple, habitual practice of reflection and action. Individual practice is greatly amplified when we practice together.

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Leading workplaces are investing in tech stewardship to attract and retain the best talent, and empower their teams to drive success in their business while creating positive impacts for the world.

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The Tech Stewardship Network (TSN) brings together leaders from a diversity of backgrounds to create the overarching conditions for tech stewardship in and across different sectors and sub communities.

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Work Integrated Learning

Learn about a pilot program where eight Canadian post secondary schools are integrating tech stewardship practice into their co-op education and other work experience related opportunities.

franz newland

TS+ Franz Newland

Learn how Franz is integrating tech stewardship into his work as an Aerospace Engineer.

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TS+ Space

What are the unique tech stewardship challenges and opportunities facing us as we explore the final frontier!

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TS+ Deliberate Values

Learn how our values are shaping and being shaped by the technologies we build and scale.

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stewardship principle:


“The creators and designers of technology have the right to interrogate the ethics of what they are developing. But our ethics only extend as far as our lines of inquiry. More responsible technology starts when we grant ourselves and each other the permission to inquire more openly and deeply into the broader systems affected by our creations. Our responsibilities are always in scope.”





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