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TS+ Engineering

What is the relationship between tech stewardship and engineering?

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TS+ Core Commitments

Explore the three core commitments of tech stewardship: advance understanding, deliberate values, and practice behaviours.

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TS+ Personal Stories

Tech Stewardship in action! Learn how individuals working in different contexts are integrating tech stewardship into their work.

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TS+ Aligned Initiatives and Organizations

Learn how leading teams are integrating tech stewardship into their cultures.

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TS+ Grand Challenges

From climate change to biased algorithms and beyond, technology is at the heart of today’s most pressing challenges. Learn how tech stewardship can help shape a better future for all.

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TS+ Sectors

From mining to academia to banking and beyond, what are the unique tech stewardship challenges and opportunities facing different sectors?

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TS+ Specific Technologies

From AI to nanotechnology to CRISPR and beyond, technology is evolving rapidly. What are the unique tech stewardship challenges and opportunities related to specific technologies?

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TS+ Professions

From engineering to law and beyond. How are leading professions looking not only to adapt to technological change, but play a unique role in shaping it for the benefit of all?

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TS + Tools & Resources

A curated list of useful tools and resources suggested by the tech stewardship community, including articles, frameworks, assessments, processes, and more.

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TS + Frequently Asked Questions

stewardship principle:


“To find regenerative paths forward, there is an opportunity to dance with different ways of knowing. To recognize that distinct mental models can be equal but differentiated, like the two-row wampum belt. Instead of choosing sides, we can enter a reflective space that welcomes a third presence where we combine insights from both.”





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