21 September, 2021 / By: Tech Stewardship Team

How does tech stewardship relate to other movements?

Tech stewardship is just one particular framing that we believe is a useful addition to global efforts because it brings focus to underlying capacity, engages with the full range of technology and tech based issues, and provides an overarching identity overlay.

Similar to the environmental movement that began in the 1960’s, we see ourselves as a sub movement within a broader societal shift.

Beyond tech, there are similar movements trying to find new ways to navigate towards benefit for all. For example, Mariana Mazzucato’s work that focuses on economics.

More obviously, we see the tech stewardship movement as overlapping and integrated with other tech framed movements: Responsible Tech, Tech For Good, Public Interest Tech, Human Tech, etc…

But we also see it as overlapping and integrated with other movements, such as engineering reform, data stewardship, responsible innovation, regenerative design, etc…

Ultimately it doesn’t really matter what you call it – what’s important is that we successfully meet both today’s tech based challenges, while at the same time strengthening our capacity to navigate with greater intention and skill towards benefit for all.

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