21 September, 2021 / By: Tech Stewardship Team

Who is this platform for?

Anyone who believes in the need for tech stewardship!

Inclusivity is a central theme of tech stewardship. That being said, we must also acknowledge context and practical value tensions. How can we unlock the best of both Broad Engagement AND Focused Expertise?

The platform has been designed with a starting focus on the people who are currently centrally involved in the creation and application of technology. This includes engineers, computer scientists, data scientists, technologists, tech designers, etc… It also includes all the many people with different professional backgrounds who work for tech centric organizations.

Given the immense power of technologies to shape our world, we ultimately believe that every citizen should have greater input and involvement, including to the process of creating and applying technology. Our belief is that focusing first on the people who currently manage this process and encouraging them to “open the gates” will be the fastest way to achieving broader tech stewardship engagement.

Social Scientists with their strength in critical thinking, and particularly those who focus on the relationship between tech & society (History of Technology, Ethicists, Critical Media Studies, etc…) have a particularly vital role to play in translating, connecting and exchanging their wisdom around the complex relationship between tech and society with the people who possess wisdom around how to create and apply the technological artifacts themselves. (We’re sure many Social Scientists will find some of the thinking here rudimentary, but remember that we’re seeking to translate wisdom!)

And we particularly want to welcome those of you who have been furthest removed and isolated from the process of creating and applying technology. For example, the voices of Indigenous Elders and Leaders whose powerful worldview’s are significantly different from dominant tech orthodoxies are especially vital in shaping the core concepts of tech stewardship.

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