21 September, 2021 / By: Tech Stewardship Team

Can I contribute content / write a TS+ article for the Conversation page?

Yes! Anyone can add content to this site if you follow the guidelines for content and format!


  • The goal is to provide a curated + self directed “onramp” for people to engage with tech stewardship in their own contexts.
    • It is anticipated that most users will enter through one of the “onramp” posts on the Conversation page where they will receive an introduction to TS in a context that is relevant to them before they click through to the “overstory” of TS.
  • Facilitate connections with: concepts, language, inspirational stories, resources, co-conspirators, aligned initiatives, etc…
  • Provide a sense of how different contexts are all related to the overall story of tech stewardship.


  • The overall primary audience is people involved in the creation and application of technology (engineers, computer scientists, technologists, etc…).
  • Secondary audience is social scientists, policy makers and others who have been trained to think critically about the relationship between tech & society
  • Tertiary audience is the general public, as we believe ultimately everyone needs to practice tech stewardship in their own context.

Content Requirements

  • Frame the conversation around TS+ Challenge, Specific Tech, Sector, Profession, Individuals, Orgs / Initiatives. Stay focused on questions like:
    • How is TS relevant to ________?
    • What’s likely to happen if we don’t practice tech stewardship?
    • What’s possible if we do practice with tech stewardship?
    • What are the challenges to integrating TS in this context?
    • Sub links
  • Connect to the core themes of tech stewardship that are introduced on “The Change” page of the website
    • Advance Understanding
    • Deliberate Values, and/or
    • Practicing Behaviours
  • Contextualize and point to other content – either on site or on other sires (as opposed to recreating)
  • Consider someone who is arriving at your post as their primary entry point to the content. Consider that the primary relevant context for them is the specific sub-focus that you’re writing about (i.e. professional identity, sector, challenge and/or specific tech)
  • Overall, think of your onramp post as one pieces in a co-authored interactive “choose your own adventure” guide to TS
  • Sorted by category / topic
  • Tagged by geography: Canada – Ontario – Toronto


  • 300 words or less per post
  • 2 to 3 key points per post
  • links to other relevant posts
  • written in simple language
  • graphics where possible


  • Conversational
  • Non-academic
  • Mirroring tone and language of the main site

Content Curation

  • Although we will add any onramp post that conforms to the above requirements to the site, we have a curation process to highlight the posts that serve as the best onramps for people coming to the site with different focuses.
  • As part of the curation, the content is tiered, with top levels simpler and more curated, lower levels more detailed.

Curation Criteria

  • Posts are highlighted at higher levels of the curation structure based on:
    • How well they provide an onramp to TS for the specific target audience
    • The credibility and commitment of the author and the organizations they are affiliated with

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