31 August, 2021 / By: Tech Stewardship Team


Starting in 2015, a diverse group of engineers, technologists and creators came together to begin exploring the question:

How can we ensure that technology is beneficial for all?

From this effort emerged the concept of…

Tech Stewardship is the behaviour that ensures that technology is beneficial for all. 

It is an identity, orientation and practice. As tech stewards, we continuously discuss, refine and imagine new ways to shape technology for the benefit of all.

Our exploration has established three base commitments that we believe are critical:

  1. Advance Understanding – We continuously deepen our understanding of our relationship with technology, challenge dangerously limited narratives and stereotypes
  2. Deliberate Values – We seek to understand how our values are shaping and being shaped by the technologies we build and scale.
  3. Practice Behaviours – We support each other to practice the daily behaviours that enable progress in all its forms – failed attempts, pragmatic compromise, incremental steps, and of course breakthroughs.

We invite you to join our shared journey of learning and change. Together we can tip the scales and make tech stewardship the new normal!

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