20 September, 2021 / By: Tech Stewardship Team

TS+ Mary Wells

What are your greatest personal challenges around practicing TS?

Having the privilege to help nurture the overall tech stewardship movement, I have a good understanding of both the broad and problems and opportunities.  Rather than focus on those here, I will answer this question more personally.

As I helped to develop this tech stewardship platform, I acutely felt the practical challenges associated with practicing TS while trying to deliver a product.  For example – of course we want to be more inclusive in who is involved with the design process, but we also have budget and schedule constraints…  

And despite getting to focus on TS as my day-job, at home like most people I struggle with my and my kids’ relationships with screens.  When I was younger and before cell phones were so ubiquitous, cancelling my cable subscription helped me to stop from slipping into spirals of screen-based “self numbing.”  Now that everything is so easily available on my phone, and I haven’t quite worked up the courage to cancel it, the struggle continues!

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