23 September, 2021 / By: Tech Stewardship Team

TS+ Work Integrated Learning For Canadian Undergraduate Students

Technological Stewardship Practice (TSP) is a micro-placement and work integrated reflective practice program offered in partnership with Canadian academic institutions to better prepare undergraduate students for the world of work.

TSP fills a key gap by providing engineering students with a robust understanding of the complex societal outcomes of the technologies they create, and equips them with tools to ensure that these outcomes create benefit to society.

Students enter work engagements with a better toolkit for contributing to their employer and profession. More than a moral imperative, TSP develops the types of engineers and tech workers employers presently seek and our future depends on.

We aim to create a new generation of highly employable technology stewards ready to respond to the evolving needs of employers, and to make space for the diversity of thought and representation that is critical to Canada’s long term competitive advantage.

The TSP program is funded by the Business & Higher Education Roundtable.

Click here for more information on this and other practice support programs.

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