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20 September, 2021 / By: Tech Stewardship Team


Here are some “deep dives” that have been authored by though leaders specifically about tech stewardship:

  • TS+ Our Coevolution With Our Technologies (to come)
  • TS+ What is the default trajectory of our relationship with technology? (to come)
  • TS+ Environmental Movement (to come)
  • TS+ Indigenous Worldviews (to come)
  • TS+ Can We Do It AND Should We Do It (to come) 

Here are links to some favourite deep dive resources that are broadly relevant to tech stewardship:



  • Technology Matters by David Nye
  • The Whale & The Reactor by Langdon Winner
  • Engineers For Change


  • How the imagined rationality of engineering is bad for diversity – and engineering
  • To come


  • To come


  • To come

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